Meet Lauren

Lauren, co-owner of Manifested and a gifted psychic medium. Her journey began in the Spring of 2023 when she realized that her intuition went beyond simple awareness. Lauren had an undeniable connection with the spirit realm and knew this gift could help guide herself and others.

At a challenging crossroad in her life, Lauren's spiritual abilities became more pronounced. She sought guidance from a local medium, who helped her learn how to communicate with higher powers, guardian angels, and spirit guides.

Lauren channels the Universe's messages through various approaches, such as internal communication, oracle cards, pendulums, and scratch channeling. She helps provide answers to deep-seated questions that may seem out of reach.

Her goal is to assist those who struggle to connect with the spiritual world. Whether you seek to connect with a departed loved one, gain insight into your life's purpose, or receive guidance on relationships, career, or personal growth, Lauren is dedicated to providing you with profound and uplifting spiritual experiences. ⁣

Lauren's readings create a space for you to explore your energy and discover guidance from your spirit guides. Her readings are not definitive answers, but rather, direction pointers guiding your decisions.

Lauren's books for readings are CLOSED

We kindly ask for your patience as her + Dylan navigate the beautiful journey of parenthood! If you'd like to be the first to know when readings become available, click here to add yourself to our waitlist.

Until then, keep shining and know that the future you desire the most, is out there also desiring you! <3